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All YOU NEED  FOR A QUICK QUOTE AND GET YOUR PROJECT STARTED ARE A FEW SIZES AND ONE OR TWO DETAILS -- SEND us the dimensions from the list below and we will generate a detailed drawing and a budget

quote for your steel building.


1. Length of side wall.

2. Width  of gable end wall.

3. Height  to the eaves.

4 .Number of personnel entry              doors and where they are placed

5. Number of roller shutter doors

    and where they are placed.

6. Do you want an insulated                building or single std sheeting.

7. Your site postcode for delivery.

Once we have this information we can supply a detailed quote for your

new steel building.

If you wish to proceed further we can then supply detailed drawings

which along with structural calculations can be used for a planning application.

We are able to advise and assist

at every stage of your project to

its completion.

Usefull information when budgeting your building....

Although it is difficult to provide completely accurate price guides without specifications, on this page we aim to outline some of the costs involved with steel buildings in order to provide at least

a basic budgetary guideline.



The cost of your steel building depends on various factors. The weight and size of each section, the shape and form of the beams, the complexity of the overall design and the location of the building will all impact the final price.

In addition to the structural considerations, it is also important to consider the features that you would like implemented; extras like doors, roller-shutters, windows and insulation will all need to be included in your budget along with labour costs for groundworks, delivery and assembly if they are required.

As with the rest of the construction industry, the prices of the various components and build can vary by region with certain areas costing either more or less for services, materials etc .

To get a better idea on how much you may need to spend on your steel building, take into account some of the information covered in the sections below. For an even clearer idea, fill in the form at the top of this page to receive a


Using a prefabricated steel construction can save time, which will in turn lead to a saving in labour costs, if you are intending to use the new construction as a workspace, then you will be able to do so quicker than you would using other construction materials or methods.

Depending on the level of customisation required in your building, you can normally expect a pre-engineered steel building to cost vastly less than a traditional hot rolled steel building (girders)

Given the versatility offered by steel buildings, as well as the options for extras - including windows, insulation, etc. - a pre-engineered steel building is an excellent choice for a variety of building types and industries and purposes. Many businesses use prefabricated buildings as temporary or permanent work space.

Take a look at the following sections to find out a little more about the construction costs.


As with any other construction material, a building made of steel will require suitable foundations, although this may not be much of a concern if you are looking to purchase a small storage space or garage, it almost certainly will be requirement if you need a larger steel construction.

As with other features listed on this page, the cost of groundworks will depend on other factors, with labour costs and location being just as important as the amount of space that needs working on. 


It is also important to bear in mind the integrity of your foundations when you do this work; having the groundwork professionally checked is the best way to ensure that it will be safe enough, and of the standard required to support the steel construction you are planning to erect.


Steel building assembly costs ,normally equate to between 20% and 25% the Building Kit cost.


If you require extra features in your steel construction, whether in the form of windows, insulation or extra entrances, you will need to specify this during the consultation process. Any additional feature that you need will be reflected in the price, with some of these add-ons potentially adding aspects to the assembly process which will require more labour or more time.

As we have mentioned already - however you intend to deal with the steel building construction process, you should speak to our advisor to get as clear an idea of cost as possible.

This page provides a number of options for those looking to purchase a new steel building, whatever industry or sector you operate in.Depending on your exact specifications,the best way to get an accurate quote that reflects your final cost is to speak with us either by email or giving us a call on 07831 523271 or  01388 810064


e Construction CostAsentionehe top of this page, the costs of your steel building will be split, 

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